MEDIA FEATURES: conservation work 

Pinalia campanulata: new orchid species discovered in South Cotabato. 

Published in MindaNews on November 25, 2023

New orchid species boosts forest protection drive in South Cotabato. 

Published in Philippine Daily Inquirer on November 25, 2023

New species of orchid discovered in Allah Valley Protected Landscape.

Published on DENR Region XII website on November 23, 2023

Critically endangered orchid found in a backyard in South Cotabato. 

Published in Manila Bulletin on August 10, 2021

Together we're helping some of world's most endangered amphibians

Published on Auckland Zoo Website on July 9, 2021

'Plantito, plantita' craze puts Mt. Busa orchids at risk, biologist warns. 

Published in Rappler on July 3, 2021

YSEALI alumnus spearheads mysterious rediscovery of rare stream frog. 

Published in US Government's International Exchange Alumni on April 29, 2021

Mining and logging threaten a wildlife wonderland on a Philippine Mountain. 

Published in Mongabay on April 27, 2021

108 orchid species found on Mt. Busa, southern Mindanao

Published in Manila Bulletin on April 25, 2021

Mt. Busa: an area that needs to be protected

Published in Agriculture on April 25, 2021

USAID lauds 2 Filipino biologists, botanist for path-finding discoveries in Mindanao

Published in Manila Bulletin on March 13, 2021

Rare frog thought to be extinct rediscovered in Mindanao. 

Published in GMA News Online on March 12, 2021

Filipino scientists lauded for new discoveries in Mindanao. 

Published in The Philippine Star on March 12, 2021

Biologists rediscovered rare frog after 27 years. 

Published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on March 8, 2021

Laying the groundwork: the nuances of youth-led conservation efforts

Published in The Lasallian on March 5, 2021

One-hit wonder frog makes a comeback in the southern Philippines. 

Published in Mongabay on March 1, 2021

Treading on eggshells. 

Published in Southeast Asia Globe on May 22, 2020


Philippine tribe boosts livelihood and conservation of civet poop coffee. 

Published in Mongabay on April 18, 2023

on printed newspapers

The first time that a frog landed on the FRONT PAGE of a major national newspaper in the Philippines!

Pinalia campanulata on the national newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer!

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Shared my thoughts for the Endangered Species Day campaign of Pinoy Scientists.


Shared my research and conservation work in southern Mindanao. Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts (c) FlipScience

Shared my rediscovery of the Guttman's stream frog. Listen to it on Spotify. (c) Teka Teka Podcast

Dialogue with the US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy R. Sherman, about my conservation work in the Philippines. (c) YSEALI

Invited Talks (selected)

Event by the Philippine Eagle Foundation

Event by the Philippine Department of Environment & Natural Resources RXII

Event by the Protect Wildlife Program of the USAID